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  • Immigration Law

    Throughout this blog, Abogado Aly describes the changes made in U.S. immigration policy throughout history as well as current events happening in regards to immigration. Since there is so much opposition towards the immigration policy in the United States, changes to the policy are bound to continue and arise.

  • Every attorney at our office works together as a team to ensure that any difficult situation is discussed through discourse with law professionals. Each attorney at Abogado Aly has their own area of practice and expertise, but they utilize each other’s strengths to provide the best advice for business and start up companies. Throughout this blog you can find the best news and tips for managing any business.

  • Civil Law

    At the offices of Abogado Aly, each attorney has their own specialization; however, they meet everyday to ensure that each case is handled by a group of professionals with varying specializations so that all attorneys can look at each case from multiple angles. This blog is dedicated to the various court cases regarding civil law.

  • Knowing Your Rights as Someone with a Mental Illness

    Abogado Aly was Published on The Mighty! Check out the article below!

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    September 12, 2018 · small business,development,business,Abogado Aly,Lawyer
    Businesses want to grow. Entrepreneurs want to be successful. One way to do that is by casting an...
    September 4, 2018 · Lawyer,Law,Abogado Aly
    David Ezra, Senior U.S. District Judge in the Austin federal courthouse, on September 5, 2018,...
    August 15, 2018 · law,Texas,Abogado Aly,Lawyer
    A long-running legal dispute regarding the State of Texas “Campus Carry” law was recently settled...
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